The Practice Place welcomes you to a space to deepen your mindfulness and bodyfulness practice.

About Us

The practice place is an rural practice space near Toronto ON that offers refuge from the busyness of life for the purpose of cultivating mindfulness (different forms of meditation, artistic expression, & devotional practices) and bodyfulness  (somatic, movement, yoga, & energy & deep rest practices).  

You are invited to specific courses that happen throughout the year including experiential week-ends, eight week courses, transpersonal therapy sessions, silent retreats and practice groups.  Or alternatively arrange a self-retreat time for days, weeks, or months.  Please check our current programs for a list of activities or contact us for more information. 

The practice place offers basic accommodations (one furnished room), as well as camping areas on the property.  There are also bed and breakfast accommodations near by.      

Whether you're new to practice or are an experienced practitioner, we welcome you with open arms.

Community Engagment

The practice place aims to cultivate deepened heart and consciousness to reach out to the community to help children in need, the elderly, the environment, and those faced with devastation and crisis.  

If you know a group that could use our help, drop us a line.